Adding finishing touches to cakes

3rd June 2018

Every baker needs time saving cake decorating methods, as baking and adorning our creations with beautiful finishing touches can take a lot of work! Believe me, there’s been numerous times early on in my cake decorating venture that I’ve found myself up so late into the night trying to finish off my decorations and it can be exhausting!

I have been requested to make cakes that require time consuming decorations – though I do find the repetitive activity of creating such decorations quite therapeutic; I sometimes wished there was a quicker way of creating them!

Making beading to decorate around the bottom of cakes; such as these ones I’ve created, takes a LOT of work!

This is where modelling fondant molds are a saviour in these situations!

In May’s cake bag, this amazing damask and beading mold from Wilton was included in the selection of goodies!

I own some smaller beading molds, that are great for adding decoration and covering up edges to neaten up my finished cakes.

This mold has larger beading that is perfect for creating the same effect as the cakes above and is so easy to use!!

Just take some modelling fondant and roll it into a thin sausage on a foam mat.

Place in the beading mold and press down into the design.

Turn the mold over and peel away to reveal the design.

At this point you can use edible lustre dusts or paints to add colour.

Paint some edible glue along the back of the beading and apply to your cake!

And voila! You’ve created the same finishing touches, as my creations above, in next to no time! Plus the added bonus that all the spheres are the same size!

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Happy baking!

Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo