Bear Cake Topper Tutorial

9th November 2017

I love creating handmade sugar cake toppers for my cakes and I think the first cake toppers I ever practiced making were little bears.

This tutorial is perfect for beginners as bears only require a few simple shapes!

I used one of the products included in Octobers cake bag; woodland brown gel food colouring by Sugar Flair.

You will also need some white sugar modelling paste and a few modelling tools.

Use a cocktail stick to add the colour to the modelling paste to gradually build up the desired shade.


1) Make a spherical shape for the head and a teardrop shape for the body. Insert a cocktail stick into the body and use a small paintbrush to brush on some edible glue and attach the head.

2) Make the legs by rolling out a sausage shape, then shape one end into a slightly flattened point and form the foot by pushing the bottom and use your finger the press a curve into the foot. Create the toes using a pointed modelling tool to press small lines on the top of the feet.

3) paint edible glue on the inside of the legs and attach to the body.

4) Make the arms by rolling a slightly longer, thinner sausage than the legs and cut in half. Roll the cut ends into a a rounded point and flatten slightly then use the modelling tool to make the fingers for the paws.

5) Paint edible glue onto the inside of the arms and attach to the sides of the body and curve round the belly.

6) Use a stitch tool to roll stitches down the arms, legs, belly and back of the bear.

7) Colour a small amount of modelling paste a lighter brown colour. Roll into a pea sized ball and flatten down into an oval disc shape. Paint the back of the disc with edible glue and attach to the lower half of the front of the head. Then use the stitch tool to roll the stitch pattern over the head.

8) Use a modelling tool to make the mouth. Take a small amount of black modelling paste to make a nose and attach to the top of the light brown disc using edible glue.

9) Use a black edible pen to draw dots for the eyes.

10) Roll out a small sphere and use a ball modelling tool to press an indentation into the middle of the sphere. Cut in half and use the ball tool to model into bear ear shapes.

11) Paint some edible glue on the flat sides of the ears and attach to the head.

And you’ll have a cute little brown bear to use as a cake topper for any cake creation!

We hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and would love to see your creations! Don’t forget to share on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #cakebagcreations.

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo