How to use Sugarflair Blossom Tints

13th March 2017

One of the items included in this months “Under the Sea” Cake Bag are these Sugarflair Blossom tints in Heather and Peacock. The colours are a beautiful turquoise and purple which are perfect to create mermaid themed bakes.

If you haven’t used blossom tints before or want to know some different ways you can decorate your cakes using these edible powder colours; I’m going to show you a couple of ideas of how I use them in my creations.

First off, these are great to colour icing, modelling paste marzipan and buttercream. They are really easy to work into icing and are a great alternative to liquid and gel food colouring, plus they don’t stain your hands which makes for super easy clean up!

The colours are build-able so you can create a range of tones depending on how much you add.

They are also great to use with a dense yet fluffy paintbrush to stencil designs onto your icing. You can stipple on to create a light effect.

Or use a painting method to get a stronger colour.

When you remove the stencil, you will be left with the design on the icing and you can add lustre dusts from the Sugarflair range over the top to create more pearlised effects.

You can use this method to decorate the icing on larger cakes or use cookie cutters to create different shapes to add to the front of cakes or top smaller cakes and cookies. It almost looks airbrushed on without the need for expensive air-brushing equipment, especially if you are quite new to cake decorating.

I used the Ellam sugarcraft mould, also included in this months Cake Bag, to create seahorse, shell and starfish decorations to add to my design and use the tints to add colour to the seahorse by simply dusting over it using a fanned paintbrush.

Sugarflair Blossom tints can also be mixed with clear alcohol to create paints and you can mix the powders to create other colours or even use the ivory lustre dust to make these colours pearlescent. They are so versatile and are a great medium to add all sorts of finishes to your cake creations!

We can’t wait to see what you create using this months Cake Bag goodies! Don’t forget to share your cakes and bakes with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #cakebagcreations, we love seeing what you make and it’s great to give other bakers ideas on how to use the products!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo