Bunting Cake Decoration Tutorial

25th February 2018

We were so excited when PME released their new multicutters range, which are available in a variety of shapes & wanted to include one in Cake Bag ever since!

So if you were lucky enough to get your hands on the Birthday Party edition; you will have received a set of these triangle cutters!

Each pack includes 3 sizes which are perfect for decorating cakes with geometric designs and also perfect for making bunting to adorn your cakes!

I am going to show you how to create bunting with embossed lettering using stamps so you can make personalised cakes for any celebration!

You’ll need some sugar modelling paste in the colours to match the theme of your cake, some letter stamps (I picked mine up from Lakeland but you can also find these in any good cake decorating store or craft shop). A small paintbrush and edible glue.

First, roll out the sugar modelling paste to about 1mm thick.

Place the cutter on top and press down to cut out.

Repeat a few times using a variety of colours.

Select the letter stamps you want to use to create your personalised message and stamp the letters in the centre of each triangle.

Paint a little edible glue on the back of each triangle and arrange on the front or top of your cake.

Roll some white sugar modelling paste into a long, thin rope to create the “string” the bunting flags are hanging from.

Paint some edible glue along the top edge of the bunting.

Attach the rope just above the bunting flags.

And voila! Easy personalised bunting!

These cutters are amazing as you can cut out lot’s of shapes all at once which really saves a lot of time and effort when creating decorations for your cake creations!

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Happy cake decorating!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo