Cute Sugar Clouds

27th August 2018

Bank holiday weekend is in full swing, but the weather has taken a turn to cloudy with rain! Most people may find this weather miserable but you can still take joy in the little things you can enjoy when the weather turns cool and damp! I was reminded how we can still be happy, even though it’s a little dreary outside, whilst taking my puppy for a rainy walkies after my roast dinner today…she seemed to really enjoy drinking from the puddles along the way and even jumped in a huge puddle which brought a smile to my face :).

This inspired me to create some happy little sugar clouds using the Ellam Sugarcraft mould included in this months Cake Bag!

With a little imagination, you can create all sorts of decorations for your cakes using this mould; which includes detailed clouds, a star and a shooting star.

To make these cute lil clouds you will need:
– Ellam Sugarcraft mould
– Cake release spray
– White sugar modelling paste
– Pink sugar modelling paste
– Star plunger cutter
– a couple of paint brushes
– edible glue
– Pink powder colour (I used the PME Strawberry Sundae powder colour which was also included in this months Cake Bag)
– Black edible pen


First, knead a little of the white sugar modelling paste until pliable.

Spray a little cake release spray into the mould, then press the white modelling paste into the clouds.

Flip the mould over and release the clouds.

Take the pink modelling paste and push into the star mould.

Flip to release the stars.

Using the star plunger cutter, press into the top right or left of the clouds to make a little impression for the pink stars to sit in.

Paint a little edible glue onto this area and place the pink stars on top.

Using the black edible pen, draw some eyes and a mouth on each cloud to create cute lil faces!

Use a small, fluffy brush dipped in the strawberry sundae powder colour and shake off the excess by tapping the brush in the lid, then carefully dab some rosy cheeks just below the eyes.

And you have cute little clouds which can easily be used as cake toppers for a large celebration cake by simply inserting cocktail sticks into the clouds, use to decorate cute sugar cookies or pop on top of cupcakes showered with pretty sprinkles!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it’s brightened up your day!

What have you been creating using this months Pastel Rainbow edition of Cake Bag?

We’d love to see what you’ve made; so please share with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the #cakebagcreations tag!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo