Daffodil wreath cake topper

3rd May 2019

Floral frames for cake toppers are so on trend at the moment! I decided to share a tutorial on how you can make a pretty spring-themed topper using the daffodil mould from Katy Sue Designs which was included in April’s Hello Spring edition of Cake Bag.

To start, you can purchase a floral frame or use some florist wire made into a circle. I took a length of wire and used a 4 inch round cake tin to help form the wire into a circle.

Twist the ends together to form a stalk that you can insert into a posy pick that can then be inserted into the top of your cake once complete.

Set the wire frame aside and make a start on the daffodils. Spray a little non-stick spray or a dusting of cornflour onto the surface of the daffodil mould. Grab a pack of yellow sugar flower modelling paste and knead until soft and pliable.

Press pieces into the mould then flex to pop the petals out.

Place one set of petals onto a foam drying mat and place the wire frame on top of the bottom set of petals. Then paint on a little edible glue and place the other set of petals on top.

Use a ball tool to make a slight indentation in the centre of the petals.

Make the trumpet part of the daffodil by pressing the modelling paste into the mould then flex the mould to release.

Form into a cone shape.

Paint a little edible glue along one edge and join to stick together.

Paint a little edible glue in the centre of the petals and attach the trumpet part.

Use a small ball tool in the centre of the trumpet and gently press to attach.

Repeat the above steps to create one large daffodil and another smaller one.

Use a leaf mould or cutter to make leaves to add to the frame and make additional, individual daffodil petals to cover the wire that is visible between the flowers.

Leave to dry completely overnight before lifting so you ensure that it’s nice and sturdy.

You can then attach to the top of your cake as is or add a message plaque.

Or you can roll out the modelling paste and use the PME honeycomb embossing mat to press in the design, use a number cutter to make an age topper and use the pearlescent glaze (also included in April’s Cake Bag) painted over the surface of the number to give it a lovely sheen! Leave this to dry before attaching to the cake.

And you will have created a beautiful cake topper perfect for any celebration cake!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it sparks more ideas of how you can get creative using the products inside your Cake Bag together, to make something really pretty for all your cakes and bakes!

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Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo