Drip Cake Tutorial

27th February 2017

Drip cakes are super trendy at the moment! If you haven’t had a go at making your own then you definitely should! They are easier to make than you might think, especially if you use the Wilton squeezy bottles included in February’s Ice Cream cake bag!

All you need is your favourite cake covered in buttercream and a ganache to decorate with the drips.

I used a yummy chocolate fudge cake filled and covered in a delicious chocolate buttercream.

Once your cake is assembled and butter creamed, place in the fridge to chill whilst you make the chocolate ganache.

To make the chocolate ganache you can use cream or butter. I used:
150g dark chocolate
100g butter

And a Wilton squeezy bottle

To make the ganache, melt the butter and chocolate in a heat proof bowl in a microwave in 20 second intervals until completely melted and smooth. Alternately you can melt in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Once melted, pour into the squeezy bottle and drizzle drips around the top edge of the cake

Squeeze more chocolate ganache into the middle of the top of the cake and use a pallet knife to spread towards the edge of the cake until the top is fully covered

Then you can decorate with whatever takes your fancy, you can make a fully loaded chocolate cake using your favourite candy bars, mini doughnuts, biscuits, meringues and chocolate bark shards or keep it simple with piped buttercream and some pretty sprinkles

It’s such a simple yet effective way to decorate pretty looking cakes perfect for any occasion!

We would love to see what delicious cakes and treats you have made using the contents of this months cake bag so don’t forget to share on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #cakebagcreations.

Happy Baking!

Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo