Easter Stencils Cake

8th April 2019

It’s April!! Which means it’s officially Easter month!!

Creating pretty Easter cakes and bakes is my absolute favourite, because it usually means pretty pastel colours and cute bunnies! Plus lighter evenings; which makes the days feel so much longer….the perfect excuse to get baking!

In March’s Easter Fun edition of Cake Bag, you will have found some lovely Easter stencils from Artistic Flair Crafts.

The 2 stencils included were Easter bunnies and Happy Easter:

These are perfect for decorating iced biscuits and cupcake toppers, but I wanted to show you that these can also be used to decorate a larger cake!

Adding ribbons to the bottom of cakes always gives that perfect finishing touch but can often add to waste, as you remove the ribbon and throw it away when it comes to serving cakes.

I often try to make ribbon from sugar modelling paste so you can eat it too! So I thought I’d show you how easy it is to use the stencils to adorn sugar ribbon to decorate your cakes along with a pretty plaque to decorate the front of the cake!

You will need:
– Filled and iced cake
– Sugar Modelling Paste (I used Renshaw)
– Lustre food colouring spray (I used PME in Bronze)
– Pizza cutter
– Pretty plaque cookie cutter
– Stencils


1) Take the sugar modelling paste and knead until soft and pliable. Roll this out into a long strip, slightly longer than the circumference of your cake.

2) Place the bunnies stencil on the strip of rolled out sugarpaste and spray on the lustre food colouring. Move the stencil along the strip and repeat until you reach the end.

3) Use the pizza cutter to cut along the edges so you have a nice even length of sugar ribbon.

4) Paint a little edible glue around the bottom of the cake and attach the sugar ribbon.

5) Make the plaque by rolling out the sugar modelling paste. Place the Happy Easter stencil on top and spray the lustre food colouring over the design.

6) Position the cookie cutter around the design, then cut out the plaque.

7) Paint a little edible glue on the back of the plaque and attach to the front of the cake.

And you’re left with a beautifully simple yet elegant looking cake!

You can leave the cake like this or you can add a pretty topper to add an extra finishing touch or why not pipe some buttercream swirls and add little mini eggs?!

I think the cake looks lovely as it is and goes to show that you can turn a simple iced white cake into a show stopper with minimal tools!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it sparks more ideas on how you can use the stencils in a different way!

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Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo