PME cake topper cutter

29th December 2018

If you were one of the lucky people to get your hands on December”s Gin & Cake edition of Cake Bag…

…you will have received one of these amazing Happy Birthday cake topper cutters from PME!

Plus a pack of PME gumpaste!

Gumpaste is different to sugarpaste and modelling paste, it’s much more flexible which makes it perfect for using with the Happy Birthday cutter!

Cake toppers are all the rage at the moment with so many available on the market, some of which are made from card stock, wood and even acrylic! These are great if you want to use them multiple times for family Birthday cakes – but if you want to make all the decorations, including the topper, edible; then this is the perfect tool to create it!

You can colour the gumpaste any colour you wish before you roll out and use the cutter. In this tutorial, I wanted to show you how easy it is to colour the topper after you’ve cut it out.

First, roll out the gumpaste to about 1mm-2mm thickness.

Place the cutter on top of the rolled out gumpaste and press down.

Flip the cutter and gumpaste over and press along all the edges of the design.

Use a small, thin pallet knife to lift away the excess gumpaste so you are only left with the areas of the design, you want to keep, filled with gumpaste.

Once you’ve completed this step – flip the cutter back over and use a small paintbrush or the small pallet knife to push the design out of the cutter.

Leave the cake topper to dry and harden over night, preferably for 24 hours, on a foam drying pad.

Once set nice and firm, you can paint the topper using edible lustre dust or petal paste mixed with rejuvenator fluid or clear alcohol. You can also airbrush or use edible lustre spray in metallic colours such as rose gold, gold or silver!

I used PME spray lustre in silver. Top tip for avoiding you and your kitchen getting covered in glittery spray is to take the topper outside into the garden on a mat or plate covered in clingfilm, to keep clearing up afterwards to a minimum (believe me, I’ve used this stuff indoors and the air was filled with sparkly particles and everything was covered in a light coating of glitter!)

So pretty!

Leave this to dry out whilst you assemble and decorate your cake with buttercream, icing or ganache.

Then carefully insert into the top of your cake!

The great thing about this cutter is that you can personalise it to fit any theme by using different food colouring. You can even add other elements such as snowflakes or flowers using cutters or even sprinkles! The only limit is your imagination!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial. We would love to see how you are using this cutter – please share with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the #cakebagcreations tag!

January’s edition of Cake Bag will soon be on sale! Magical Unicorns is our theme and is released on 1st January at 7am HERE.

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo