Pretty Pink Cupcakes

5th August 2018

If you’re anything like us, you get excited for anything sprinkle related when it comes to cake decorating!

I absolutely love sprinkles as it’s a quick and easy way to add fun and colour to plain buttercream swirls on top of cupcakes and they are also perfect scattered over ice cream (much needed in this heatwave we are currently experiencing in the UK!!).

Sprinkles can come in a variety of forms from sugar strands to spherical dragees. In July’s Elegant Lace edition; we included these pretty pink chocoballs from Simply Topps!

On the outside; they look like your regular dragees

But bite into one and you’ll find a yummy chocolate centre!

These are both elegant and delicious at the same time!

Perfect to simply sprinkle over buttercream swirls or ice cream desserts and to create pretty centres for sugar flower cake decorations!
I often use these style dragee’s to create centres for sugar flowers for an easy cake decoration.

In this tutorial, I show you how to create pretty cupcake toppers to demonstrate one way you can use a simple blossom flower cutter and a couple of simple tools to create some beautiful finishing touches to your cakes.

First, roll out some coloured sugar paste to about 3-5mm thickness. (I used some baby pink food colouring to match the chocoballs)

Use a round, scalloped cookie cutter to cut out the cupcake toppers.

Use a pointed tool to indent dots into the scallops to create a lacey effect. Pop these on top of your cupcakes.

Cut out some blossom flowers and make dents in the middle using the plunger part of the cutter if you have one or use a ball tool, this will form the cavity into which you’ll add the chocoball later on and also makes the flowers curved.

Using a fine paintbrush (these PME craft brushes were also included in July’s edition)

Paint some edible glue in the centre of each sugar blossom flower.

Pop a chocoball in the centre of each flower

Paint a little edible glue on a couple of each petal and attach to the centre of the pink scalloped icing on top of your cupcakes.

And Voila! Pretty pink cupcakes perfect for any birthday party or wedding cake!

We hope you are enjoying July’s cake bag so far! If you’ve been busy creating lot’s of delights using the content’s of the Elegant Lace edition; please share them with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag: #cakebagcreations. We love seeing all your cakes and bakes!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo