Princess Cupcakes

16th April 2018

Katy Sue Designs moulds are so versatile that with a bit of imagination you can use the moulds in different ways! A couple of weeks back; I shared a tutorial on how to use the Mermaid mould included in this months Magical Mermaid Cake Bag.

In this tutorial, I show you how you can turn this design into a fun Princess cupcake! All you need is some skin tone sugar modelling paste, non-stick cooking spray or cornflour, a modelling tool, X-Acto knife, a couple of small paint brushes, edible glue and some food colouring gels, clear alcohol, petal and lustre dusts to paint your princess cupcake toppers.

First; spray the mould with the non-stick cooking spray or dust over some cornflour.

Take a small amount of the skin tone sugar modelling paste.

Press down into the mould but only covering the top half of the body and not the tail.

Flip the mould over and peel away to reveal the design.

At this stage you can tidy up the hair using an X-Acto knife. You can also cut along the edges of the arms to pose them!

Using a small paintbrush, apply some edible glue to the eye sockets and attach white sugar modelling into these to create the eyes.

Paint the eyes and brows details using a small paintbrush with edible gel food colouring.

Using petal dust mixed with a little clear alcohol, paint the hair and bikini top in your desired colours.

Leave to dry for about an hour or overnight until set and firm.

Meanwhile, top some cupcakes with frilly swirls of buttercream to create a ball gown skirt.

And pop the princess toppers into the soft buttercream!

These are perfect for any princess party and you can change the colour of the hair and buttercream to match the colour scheme!

Your Magical Mermaid Cake Bags are winging their way to you now! We Hope this provides some inspiration on how you can get really creative with the items included inside Aprils edition!

Don’t forget to share your creations via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the #cakebagcreations tag! If you create this or anything else from the ideas we share here on the blog we’d love to see how they turn out!!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo