Sugar Butterfly Tutorial

16th July 2018

With the launch of the Elegant Lace edition for July (Cake Bags are winging their way to you today!) We thought we would share a little tutorial on how to use the silicone mould and cutter set from Blossom Sugar Art.

We love their products and have included a few of the flower mould and cutter sets in past cake bags!

In this tutorial; I’m going to show you how to use this set along with some edible blossom tints and lustre dust to add colour to your sugar butterflies.

To use this set, simply roll out some white sugar modelling paste to about 3mm thickness. (you don’t want to make it too thin as it needs to be thick enough to pick up the detail from the mould).

Use the cutter to cut out the butterfly shape.

Place on top of the raised side of the mould.

Fold the other side of the mould over and squeeze together.

Open the mould to reveal the design.

Carefully remove the butterfly from the mould and place onto a piece of creased card or paper to dry with angled wings.

Use a fluffy paintbrush to dust over some edible blossom tint or lustre dust. I used the 2 mixed together to create a shimmery colour effect!

You can then paint on additional detail using edible paints or food colouring with a finer paintbrush.

You can use these butterflies to decorate buttercream swirls on cupcakes, add detail to sugar flowers or just add to larger cakes as beautiful decoration!

I added some butterflies to this Totoro cake I created recently; using this mould.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it gives you more ideas on how you can use this mould and cutter set to adorn your cakes and bakes!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo