Sugar Lavender Flowers Tutorial

10th September 2018

Lavender is one plant you can always find in my garden. I love the scent and colour of them and I think it stems from fond childhood memories of visiting my Nan and Grandad’s house; as my Nan had a huge bowl of dried Lavender flowers which I used to take to her dining room table and sink my hands into them!

This inspired me to show you how to make sugar Lavender flowers using some white sugar modelling paste dyed purple using the PME Misty Mauve food colouring included inside August’s Pastel Rainbow edition of Cake Bag.

You’ll need this along with a few additional tools & ingredients:
– White sugar modelling paste
– Small rolling pin
– Green florist wire
– Small paintbrush
– Edible glue
– Small flower cutter – I used a daisy as this has the perfect amount on petals
– Small pallet knife

I found this to be the perfect colour to use to create a beautiful Lavender hue.

Knead a small amount of the food colouring into the sugar modelling paste until you reach the desired colour and it’s evenly distributed.

Roll out to about 1mm thickness and use the small daisy cutter to cut out a few flowers.

Use the small pallet knife to cut the flowers in half.

Paint the green florist wire with the edible glue and attach the first petals to the end of the florist wire.

Paint more edible glue on the base of each flower and keep attaching more petals to build them up.

You can even spread them out a little to get that authentic Lavender look!

Leave to dry before you use to decorate your cakes!
These are perfect to use as filler flowers to add to a larger arrangement decorating your cakes!

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Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo