Twist Twist Nozzles

25th June 2018

There are so many types of piping nozzles out there now so you can create so many beautiful buttercream toppings to decorate your cupcakes!

One of the products included inside June’s Tropical Fiesta cake bags are these Twist Twist Nozzles from JEM!

They’re so easy to use; all you do is snip the end off a large piping bag and insert the nozzle. Fill the bag with buttercream and place it onto the surface of your cupcake. Squeeze the bag and twist the nozzle left to right then back again a few times until you are happy with the height of the buttercream.

I twisted my ones about 5 to 6 times to create beautiful ruffles on top of these cupcakes.

You can then add any additional decorations of your choice! I used some sugar flowers to add to the tropical theme!

If you want to make these even more tropical; you can use the Shepcote Pineapple flavour (also included in this months Cake Bag!) to your buttercream!

The recipe I use is:

– 250g unsalted butter, at room temperature
– 500g icing sugar
– 2 tsp of Pineapple flavouring
– 1 tbsp boiling water


1) Add the butter to a bowl of a freestanding mixer or use a large bowl and a hand whisk; beat the butter until smooth.

2) Gradually add the icing sugar mixing well between additions until fully incorporated.

3) Mix in the pineapple extract, mix well, then add the tablespoon of boiling water and mix once more!

You can now pop this in your piping bag fitted with a nozzle to decorate your cupcakes!

We hope you are enjoying this months cake bag! The contents are perfect for creating lot’s of tropical themed treats to enjoy at your Summer gatherings and Barbecues!

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Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo