Woodland Mould Tutorial

10th October 2017

Autumn is well and truly here and with it arrives the new October Cake Bag; Autumn Glam.

One of the products included is this woodland mould by Ellam Sugarcraft.

It’s so easy to use, spray the mould with some non-stick cooking spray or dust with cornflour & simply take a small amount of sugar modelling paste and press into the designs you want to use for your cake decorations.

Then all you do to remove the shapes is flex the mould ever so slightly and the designs will pop out!

You can use pre-coloured or white sugar modelling paste then use food colouring to paint your desired colours. I used a range of blossom tints by Sugarflair. For the pine cone; I used a dry fluffy brush to build up the powder colouring and for the acorn and toadstool, I mixed the powders with a little vodka to create a paint.

To decorate the toadstool, I painted the red colouring over the top then allowed it to dry. Then mixed the white petal dust with vodka and used a small, fine paintbrush to create the white dots.

I made the dots quite rough to give the toadstool a more realistic woodland feel.

These would be perfect to decorate a tree stump cake or pretty woodland themed cupcakes!

This months cake bag containing this mould and 5 other fabulous products is available now! So why not subscribe today?!

Happy Baking!
Thirzah – Cakey Goodness xoxo